Meet Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD


I am a naturopathic medical doctor and men’s hormone expert. I help my clients fix their hormones and metabolism to create confidence, mental fortitude, energy, stamina and a dialed in metabolism. They then have motivation to take on new challenges, and pursue what matters to them once they have freedom from nagging problems.


I underwent four years of rigorous academics, clinical training and licensing exams to become a licensed naturopathic medical doctor. I completed my training by serving as the chief resident in an inpatient clinic in Northern California following my education.


My experience being trained as a specialist in natural and integrative medicine, give me the extraordinary advantage of being your answer to the end of your problems. As a naturopathic medical doctor, I treat the root cause of the issue which treats the symptoms too. I want to serve you from start to finish on your journey to freedom from pain and health challenges.


Tune in to my podcast, The Rise Again Podcast, as a place where you can be inspired by people I interview from around the  world who have overcome significant challenges and have risen from the ashes to share their story and wisdom, teaching us all skills for living a great life. I also interview experts in health and wellness who have a lot to share to allow us all to take our lives to the next level. 

The Rise Again Podcast

Special Interests Of Dr. Raisanen

Testosterone, TRT, Fertility

Thyroid Hormones & Metabolism

Weight Loss & Nutrition